Modern Poets and their problems

Nov 25, 2015 | | Say something

Many people think and still have the idea that the metrical composition or the rhyming verse alone is called poetry. That has become an old form of poetry long ago. Modern poets, following the examples of Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and others, have relinquished writing metrical verses and have changed over to new poetic forms in […more]

Humanism and individualism

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Humanism and individualism are inter related Both are weighed and truly equated It has found precious terms with individual It can not be termed as casual It leaves enough of fragrance Once developed at once How many ills are cured? Above and all humanity is secured So long the human has heart, the humanity will […more]

Interview with the Swedish Poet, Tom Coder by Premji

Nov 14, 2015 | | Say something

Tom Coder is a Swedish engineer and poet. His forte is Micro-poetry. He is the founder of the largest poetry website of Scandinavia. Being a poet himself, he is completely aware of the distractions created by advertisements, even though it is a financial tributary, and that’s why his poetry website is free from […more]


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The morning’s dawn brightens day and children play through the long light into night. And every mark on kitchen wall creeps up so slow that tiptoes rush the life to rise. In courtship as our spirits fly, as weekends die, the next day off seems years away. Our most productive years they fly by like […more]

Can There Be Life Without Poetry?

Nov 13, 2015 | | Say something

Magic Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge was of the view that poetry involves whole soul into activity. According to Rudyard Kipling poetry is magic(best man or maid of honour speech ). Yes, poetry is music produced by the magical power of a poet. Whether the meaning or message or matter is understood or not certainly […more]